Weddings 101

Weddings 101

I plan weddings for the brides and grooms. I am the person to contact if you want to have a perfect wedding day. Being a wedding planner has its pros and cons just like any other craft. As a wedding planner, I get to make a couple who wants to tie the knot’s dream wedding come true. This job lets me get creative, and the pay is lucrative too. I can still remember the first wedding I planned. I helped out my sister with all the details of the wedding.  The setting of the ceremony and the reception are both at Princess Royale Hotel in Maryland. The venue was perfect, and the food was very delicious. Everything was just perfect. That was when I realized that I want to keep on doing it; plan a wedding.

I’ve been doing this job for many years now, and I decided to let everyone know how fulfilling this career is by writing about it. I am in the process of having it published, but for now, I am okay with writing about it on my Facebook page. My posts include, wedding photos of my clients (with their permission of course), from the ceremony, walking down the aisle of the bride, the couple’s first kiss, the reception and the food, down to the after wedding party. I also include the venues and the bakery details of the weddings that I get to plan.

Boston Wedding Photographer Zev Fisher - Flowers by Blooms of HopeI write these posts to inspire aspiring wedding planners to go for their passion and make their dream come true. But a lot should be considered before someone can become a successful wedding planner. These tips and reminders are also in my upcoming book. Let me share a brief insight of what you can see in my book.  First, you have to ask yourself, are you up for the challenge? Weddings are known to be an emotional event and not only the bride, but the groom and their parents can get emotional too. These people will turn to you to make sure that everything will go as planned. On the wedding day, although you have people to help you out, you will do a lot of work.  You will walk back and forth, lift up boxes, straighten crumpled table cloths and a lot more.

No matter how much you want to, you can’t just wake up one morning and decide to become a wedding planner. For clients to trust your expertise, you need to build up your resume. Take online wedding consultancy courses or short courses in Marketing, Public Relations and Hospitality Management. Lastly get certified through organizations about planning weddings.

The salary of a wedding planner in the beginning may not be as much as you expect it to be, but it’s enough to support yourself and your family. If you have wealthy clients, then you can ask for a higher fee depending on how big the wedding is. In my opinion, to become successful in this field of work, you must have the passion as motivation instead of what you can earn from it.

As it says in my soon-to-be-published book, after each wedding that you plan, when you see how everything went well and the happy faces of the bride and groom, all your hard work paid off.