Bringing Food Closer to You

Bringing Food Closer to You

I love to be in the kitchen. Cooking for my family, for my friends, whether there is a special occasion or just a simple lunch or dinner makes me have this sense of fulfillment knowing that I was able to serve something really nice on their palette. I love cooking but not as much as I love baking. Pastries, breads, cakes and pies, name it, I can make it. I have my own cake recipes and other recipes written in a journal which I thought of wanting to have it published someday. I would like other people to get a taste of how delicious my own recipes are by creating them in their own kitchen.

Delicious Cookies

But with the technology that we have right now, where everything can be accessed online, I thought, why not bring my recipes to people without them having to get out of their house, go to the bookstore and buy a recipe book then go home again and start cooking. That was when I thought of starting my own Facebook page dedicated to sharing my easy to make recipes (this is separate from my own personal Facebook account, I have a social life too you know! *wink wink *). I posted my recipes there plus tips that help me when I am in the kitchen. My Facebook page has been around for a few months now but the only people who liked it are my very own family and friends. How sad is that?!

That was when a good friend of mine suggested that I look for a help in driving people to like my page. She was a big hotel media buyer who worked with Youth Noise as her primary hotel marketing vendor so even though I felt a little sheepish about contacting them to ask about a simple question on Facebook likes, they were happy to help me out. In just a few months’ time, the likes on my page doubled! People started liking my posts, not just my page. My posts were shared, comments and questions started flowing. I was even chosen as a guest judge in a cooking event in a 4 star hotel. How cool was that?! Maybe I will start my own restaurant in a hotel and get them to have my business noticed.

808 Facebook Like

Going back, I was very happy with what was happening but I felt that just posting texts of recipes is not enough. I need to be more creative and interactive. I uploaded videos of me cooking my recipes, to let my audience know how it is exactly done. The shares doubled and my page followers started asking me to shoot a video where I cook their suggested recipes. It felt very nice that people trust you to make something that they are going to try out. I did one request and another until requests come after the other. So I decided to allot one day per week for requests.

Although it is tiring and very tedious, I don’t regret starting up that Facebook page. It helped other people put smiles on their family’s faces because of what they cooked and served on their tables. As for me, I continue to create different recipes and reinvent the old ones. If there is one thing that never goes out of style, that would be people’s love of food. It’s a basic necessity anyway! Bon Appetit!