Back in 2009, I started my own publishing company – this, after toiling many years

being published by others. I wanted the way I made my books and eased them into the world to reflect the kinship themes expressed in their pages. I hoped to add my voice to those who were doing business differently, who were as eager (more eager) to give back as they were to take in. Often, simple kindnesses are all we can offer a troubled world. Yet simple can be grand, and good enough – resounding in ways we can only begin to imagine.

Courage E-Books was born from these intentions.

In this spirit, we also feature ongrowing informational and inspirational pages on this site. These include Caregiving/Caregetting stories and resources, a Be Inspired! page, a Publishing Tips page, a Whale page,reader’s guides for book discussion groups, nearly 200 annotated links to fine places, plus a Special Offer for Book Clubs and Reading Circles.

How To Purchase Our Books

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